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New Spring
by Robert Jordan

This is the prequel to the Wheel of Time series. For those interested in starting this series. Do not start here. There are major spoilers. Start with the Eye of the World. This was a great book that delved into a major character that for the longest time I wasn't sure how I felt about. This book set my mind straight. Since I've read the series before, I'll have a better understanding of why the people do, and act the way they do. I look forward to continuing this long and in parts arduous journey. 17.

The Book of Longings
by Sue Monk Kid

I really enjoyed this book. It gave a glimpse into what live was like during Jesus's time and put a different twist on his ministry.

The Shining
by Stephen King

I don't have much to say about this. I was bored. It was slow. There's not much for the imagination. If anything I recommend watching the miniseries from 1997. So there you have it. 4 Kanassan fortune teller, I can see the futures out of 10.

Amber And Blood
by Margaret Weis

Book three of the Dark Deciple series. The "final" book of the Dragonlance series. I'm gonna put this out there. This is my favorite book series. But this book is one of my absolute favorites. I was dragging finishing it because I don't want it to end. 37 out of 10 tears of understanding.

Starcraft Evolution
by Timothy Zahn

I've only played the first World of StarCraft game, and that was about 20 years ago. So my knowledge on a lot of the lore and story is quite dated. But reading this book was a lot of fun because Timothy describes events, and characters as the story progresses. I like that. I had a lot of fun reading this. It makes me interested in possibly more in the future. Best part is I found it for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Xmen and the avengers gamma quest
by Greg Cox

Ok I have some things to say about this book. I did enjoy reading it. It's a late series book. The villain/s aren't even X-Men or Avenger villain/s. I really liked how he threw information in that was pertinent, but didn't drag it out. I'd read more from Greg Cox. Just wish the description of the book was correct.

Thrilling Tales, sword and steam
by S.t. Joshi

So when asked what steam punk is the first thing that comes to mind is gears, steam, bronze, and zeppelins. Another idea for it is misplaced technology. Old west with robots, ancient Greece with lasers. I have found that short stories are like jelly beans, sometimes you get blueberry, other times you get dirt. There were some serious hits that I enjoyed, but man there were some terrible misses. Of the three of these compilation books, this one was the weakest I have found.

Tuf Voyaging
by George Rr Martin

This is now the fourth time I've read this book, and I still have a great time reading it. I'm not a big science fiction give my my mages, and dragons. But the way Martin wrote this didn't go deep on science description. He got straight to the story, and moved on. I liked seeing how he got Tuf through all his situations. I recommend this to anyone looking for a fun cat filled adventure.

The Dragons at War
by Margaret Weis

So read this out of order. But that's ok I read the story I wanted to read from the first one already so no spoilers. This is a compilation of short stories from The Dragonlance series. My favorite was from Don Perrin. How do you kill a dragon with a catapult and no boulders? Launch a Minotaur at it of course. There were some stories in here that I wish there was more of. But a lot of these were self contained, and wonderful. But on that same note there were some fundamental inconsistencies that don't fit in with the lore of Dragonlance. But I'll let it slide. I had fun with this, and look forward to some more in the future.

Anne Of Green Gables
by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Awesome and sad in a good way. Easy to read. I can see myself reading it in the next year.
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